Scottsdale Arizona Trivia

Arizona Trivia

Learn about Old Town Scottsdale, history, museums, and more

If you need to stay on-site, why not bring in JoyRidesAZ’s Team? Kirk and Monica would like to assist with the ice breaker and share historical, local vegetation, and cultural information with your group! With over eight (8) years of providing Scottsdale tours and services, JoyRidesAZ is committed to offering an experience that will have your guests wanting to come back to Scottsdale again and again.

Team Building

Learn about Scottsdale from the locals

Experience Highlights:

  • Presenters: Kirk and Monica
  • Time: Three (3) Hours Minimum
  • Price: Contact for pricing
  • Trivia: Individuals will be given table numbers as they enter, teams will sit at designated tables and introduce themselves to their teammates. Twenty-five (25) trivia slides will be shown, each team will have one and a half (1.5) minutes to choose their answer on the sheet provided by the Presenter. Once all the questions have been answered, the presenter will provide the correct answer along with additional information pertaining to the answer. Learn from the locals about Scottsdale, Arizona’s history, vegetation, local activities, and cultural information.
  • Prizes: Included, all local items from the State of Arizona