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No matter what you’re celebrating, our tours are a super fun way to create memories that will last forever! Celebrating a special event? We can design our Tour focused day out with your friends or family that you will never forget.

JoyRidesAZ Scottsdale Tours are Old Town Scottsdale’s only open air vehicle tour company, receiving dazzling marks from reviewers since we were founded in 2013! Simply tell us which of our tours you would like us to run for you, or consult our knowledgeable staff to customize a tour that’s just right for you.

Consider adding a stop at a winery or having lunch at a brew pub! It’s a perfect idea for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorettes, graduations, and entertaining family and friends when they visit. If you are planning a work-related event, email us with date, how many folks and interests at and will will contact you with in 24 hours.

All Experiences are private boutique tours, (480) 675-7857 or

Kirk and Monica will show you why they call Old Town home. Since 2013 they have built wonderful relationships with the community and want to share all the all the hidden gems only a local would know!