Local First Arizona Green Business Program

June 7, 2022, JoyRidesAZ Scottsdale Tours received Local First Arizona Green Business certificate! 


My family and I visited my family here in Scottsdale often in the early nineties and we quickly fell in love with the beauty of the area. We moved here in 2012, purchased a home, and opened JoyRidesAZ Scottsdale Tours in 2013. 


I moved here from Oregon where sustainability was part of Oregon's fabric and way of life. Unfortunately, I quickly became lackadaisical about my sustainability habits. With the joyous news of having our first grandson and now a granddaughter, it made me ask myself what am I doing to ensure our grandchildren and their families were going to be able to enjoy the same beauty of Scottsdale that brought my husband and me here? This meant I needed to set our home and business up to be recycle-friendly, start converting light fixtures, be aware of our water usage, and most importantly reduce our carbon footprint. It may not sound like a lot, but for me, it was my way of doing my part. 


I have had the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally and I truly think Scottsdale is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities I've been to. it's my family, community, locals, merchants, and all-around beauty that drives me to continue to find ways to impact our environment in a positive way.