Scottsdale Public Art Tour

Best Outdoor Art Tour in Arizona

Scottsdale is full of incredible art but you don’t have to go to a museum to catch it all. JoyRidesAz Scottsdale Tours will take you through the City’s Districts to the top 10 Sculptures! Learn about the artists, installations and experience the beauty of Scottsdale. Come with us, bring your family, friends or guests. We will leisurely tour in a clean open air vehicle while enjoying a coffee or a scoop of gelato.


Old Town Scottsdale Art


  • Minimum Booking: 2 Guests
  • Price Per Person: $65
  • Booking of 6 or more: 20% Gratuity included
  • Group 12 or more: Call or text (480)675-7857
  • Duration: Hour
  • Operates Between: 10:00P – 5:00P 
  • Seats: 5 guests, comfortably with seat belts
  • Included: Coffee or Gelato & Water Bottle
  • Photos: Air-Dropped ($150 Value)
  • Clean Vehicle: Electric Open Air
  • Learn about: City Activities & Events
  • Recommendations: Restaurants, Galleries, Shops, Museums and Hot Spots 
  • Visit: Covid-19 Protocols and FAQ to learn about restrictions and safety.