Native Culture & Art

Native American Culture & Art Tour

For folks who want to connect with the real Native American Indian Culture

Want to explore Native American culture? Love American Indian history? Need to know the meaning of the wolf to Native Americans? Immerse yourself in Native Culture and Art experience, marveling at the spectacular color and beauty of the Gathering of Nations ‘Indian Market’ art fair and exhibit. Travelers who want to journey to the heart and spirit of Native American lands to learn and experience, come with us, bring your family and friends. We will leisurely tour in an open air vehicle while enjoying a beverage or a scoop of gelato.


Native American Culture & Art


  • Minimum Booking: 2 Guests
  • Price Per Person: $65
  • Booking of 6 or more: 20% Gratuity included
  • Group 12 or more: Call or text (480)675-7857
  • Duration: Hour
  • Operates Between: 10:00P – 5:00P 
  • Seats: 5 guests, comfortably with seat belts
  • Included: Water Bottle and choice of Coffee or Gelato
  • Photos: Air-Dropped ($100 Value)
  • Clean Vehicle: Open Air Electric and/or Gas
  • City Tour: 2 Districts 
  • Learn about: City Activities & Events
  • Recommendations: Restaurants, Shops and Museums 
  • Visit: Covid-19 Protocols and FAQ to learn about restrictions and safety.