Event FAQs

Event Frequently Asked Questions

JoyRidesAZ Scottsdale Tours has the highest operating standards in Old Town Scottsdale

Drivers vaccinated? Yes, our full time Drivers are vaccinated.

How many passengers are you able to transport? Any where from two (2) guests to four thousand (4,000).

Is booking required? Yes, to insure your group is moved in a timely matter booking is required. Special accommodations can be discussed.

Are your tours private? Yes, we do not add guests to group tours. Each tour is private.

Are you able to offer services in other Cities? Yes, JoyRidesAZ is able to trailer their vehicles to surrounding locations.

How do you identify the vehicles for corporate guests? JoyRidesAZ creates “Welcome to Scottsdale (Corporate Logo or Name)” signs for each cart.

Will you provide referrals? Absolutely, We would be happy to supply three (3) previous customers contact information.

Are you able to offer Hotel/Resort services? Yes, we would coordinate with Hotel/Resort contact to ensure we meet their safety and insurance requirements. 

What other services do you offer? Arizona Trivia team building activity at the Hotel/Resort. Our Newest Experience is called Western Immersion Tour. For a list of Tours and services visit the home page.

Is there anything else we should know? Yes, visit our COVID-19 and FAQ For more in-depth safety information.