Local Barbecue

Brew & Barbecue Tour

Join our guided food tours as we travel through Old Town Scottsdale

Round up the little doggies and book this private tour! Visit 3 barbecue restaurants, including some of the Old Town’s originals and “hidden gem” local favorites. Plan on about 3 hours to taste your way through historic Old Town barbecue.

Old Town Scottsdale has some of the best pulled pork, brisket and burnt ends. Our guide is going to take you to three our favorite barbecue joints in Old Town that you won’t want to miss.  

We provide all food samples, transportation from restaurant to restaurant and all restaurant gratuities. Of course we provide a brew and at every restaurant they offer their own sauce for purchase.


Brew & ‘Cue Tour

Delicious Sanoran Desert Flavors 


  • Price Per Person: $135 does not include tax or gratuity
  • Booking: Required
  • Minimum Booking: 4 guests
  • Seats: 5 guests, comfortably with seat belts
  • Group: 6 or more call (480)675-7857
  • Duration: Three (3) hours
  • Start Time: 11:00AM and 3:00PM   
  • Included in Price: Three (3) Brews, Three (3) barbecue sampling at Three (3) Local Venues
  • Photos: Air-Dropped ($150 Value)
  • Clean Vehicle: Open Air Electric and/or Gas
  • City Tour: 4 Districts
  • Recommendations: Restaurants, Saloons & Hot Spots
  • Learn about: City Activities & Events
  • Visit: Covid-19 Protocols and FAQ to learn about restrictions and safety.